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After the Siege and his return from evacuation in Perm, he became a well-known scholar, collector of the art of Northern ethnicities, and science fiction writer. He was renowned in Leningrad as an art historian and mentor to young writers. The poems included here were written between July , when his evacuation began, and He spent the first winter months of the Siege with his in-laws. Sterligov was wounded at the Leningrad Front in January He was released from the hospital with a diagnosis of distrophic exhaustion and emaciation and remained in Leningrad until his evacuation to Alma-Ata in June Pavel Zaltsman , an artist, belonged to the circle of Pavel Filonov, one of the elders of the Leningrad avant-garde.

Translation of "the king and queen" in Russian

His professional life was spent working for film studios, first in Leningrad and later in Alma-Ata. Having lost his parents to the famine, Zaltsman was evacuated from Leningrad in the spring of with his wife and daughter.

He stayed in Alma-Ata for the rest of his life, where he worked in film studios, made art, and wrote poems, a diary, and two novels. Zaltsman wrote poetry for thirty years, from to Only in recent years, through the efforts of his daughter, has his prodigious output of drawings and paintings before and after the Siege become known to scholars and a wider public. Ainsley Morse is a literary translator and scholar of Slavic literatures.

The client reviewed translation samples from multiple language vendors and chose us as the primary English to Russian translation vendor. Our sample matched their expectations in terms of quality and tone of voice.

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Since the project was going to span two years, consistency could be a challenge. Ensuring that a particular translation is consistent is one thing, but doing the same in a project translated over a period of two years is quite another.

They might be constantly pulled away to work on other translations. Velior tackled both challenges—consistency and availability—by relying on in-house employees.

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  6. Translation Tuesday: Poems written during the Siege of Leningrad!

Counting on in-house linguists also gave us more control over consistency since our folks are trained to create a project-specific glossary during translation and check the translation against it with an automated QA program. The idea was to have the client approve important terms from the get-go so that it could serve as a backbone for translation.


Although this terminology list required occasional updates as the project gained momentum and new context became available, it was crucial to establishing common ground between us and the client. We translated about 20, words in several presentations describing how the changes would affect employees and the tools available to guide them through the transition process.

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The project moved on to the update and maintenance phase where we updated existing translations whenever the client made changes to the original. The client could count on us for reliable delivery as we met their deadlines without fail and kept using the same translation team at all times. You helped to increase the quality of our service. Gyrfalcon was recorded 4 times in marginal [ All 5 nests of Red-breasted Geese were located in [ Breeding was also recorded for [ Owls and Rough-legged Buzzards were [ Merlins were [ Remains of Woodcock were found [ The same unfortunately happened [ Huge concentrations of migratory waterfowl are the major food source for some rare [ At different times one [ Breeding [ Birds of prey were rare, but Rough-legged Buzzards and [ Glaucous and Herring gulls were rather [ Only one pair of Rough-legged Buzzards [ Metsahallitus, the responsible governmental administrative body [