1 album, which is also the biggest-selling Portuguese record so far this year. Zaragoza are planned before the short tour ends Oct. 3 at Paris' Elysee Montmartre theater. Folcker's debut single, "Tell Me What You Like," was out July 20 here, and for the week ending Sept. An Asian version of the album comes out Sept.

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Remembering the Titanic Special Issue. Cunard Archives at Liverpool. Biography of Einar G.

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Carlson, Titanic Survivor. John Harper and the Titanic by Rev. Mick Stiner.


Isidor and Ida Straus by Joan Adler. Colonel Astor's Funeral. Titanic Memorials in Southampton. Unsinkable Ships by Ed and Karen Kamuda. Memoirs of a Titanic Survivor by Barbara Chronowski.

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Unsinkable Dream - Titanic - May - Version 1. Unsinkable Dream - Titanic - May - Version 2. All rights reserved. See Terms of Use.

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GG Archives. Special Offers. Do you hear that train a-comin'? Comin' round the bend? Our authors did! Step into an anthology filled with demonic trains and disastrous encounters. Ghosts, time travel, giant spiders, wagon Sit right back and enjoy the ride. This spring, Schlock!

Webzine schlock. Schlock Quarterly is a youngster comparatively, and will turn six this autumn. In this winter edition of Schlock Quarterly we have a collection of the best stories to feature online in Schlock! Some times, the blood boils in the heat of the moment--leading to impetuous acts. When Bill Everett took over in Terrific No.

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It was a sad end to a once glorious series. A pair of solo Wasp tales appeared in Terrific Nos. Written and drawn by Larry Lieber they came from Tales to Astonish 57 and Terrific ran only a single UK-originated series.

DEEP RED VOL. 4, ISSUE #1: Reviving The Righteous And Rowdy In Horror

Following No. It merged with companion paper Fantastic but was only a shadow of its former self. The Avengers and Dr. Strange remained, but neither of them was enjoying the best period in their history. But the spirit of Terrific failed to survive the merger. At its best, Terrific had been a pure fantasy comic that had a lighter tone than Fantastic and that appealed to a younger audience. It was, in many ways—even among the Power comics—unique.