1 album, which is also the biggest-selling Portuguese record so far this year. Zaragoza are planned before the short tour ends Oct. 3 at Paris' Elysee Montmartre theater. Folcker's debut single, "Tell Me What You Like," was out July 20 here, and for the week ending Sept. An Asian version of the album comes out Sept.

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The Killers to come to Malahide Castle for show next June. Harry Styles announces world tour including Irish date. RuPaul reveals drag persona name.

Other Voices: how a TV show became a musical phenomenon

Who is Grammys record breaker Billie Eilish? Eating for two: It's quality not quantity of food that matters during pregnancy. I get the kiss off from my own daughter!

Parents for the planet: Paul Kelly springs into action to help the environment. Home Job.

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Menu go. Follow the Irish Examiner. Fancy a free lift home from Other Voices in Dingle this weekend? Dang, right?

Dingle-based festival moves beyond music-based origins to explore wider discourse

The come-hither glance caused all sorts of a ruckus in prim n' proper 's circles, especially since it appeared on the dust jacket of a novel that deals subtly with a young man embracing his homosexuality. And it's a huge testament to the awesomeness of this novel that despite it containing a young character coming out cue collective 's pearl-clutching and this uber-sultry photo, Other Voices, Other Rooms still climbed the bestseller list faster than a Mardi Gras fete full of hungry party people can devour a King Cake.

The Supreme Court is protecting same-sex marriage and bathroom signs all over the place are getting makeovers goodbye, weird triangle dress lady! On TV, Frank Underwood is snogging with dudes and Piper Chapman is lovin' the ladeez and the world took a collective gasp when everyone's favorite bisexual, Oberyn Martell … nope—we hate spoilers more than Stromae hates rigid gender norms.

But the new revolution in the acceptance of a variety gender expressions and sexualities has been a long time coming. It ain't news that for many years gay people like Truman Capote were marginalized, and the right to same-sex marriage would have seemed laughable in when Capote's Other Voices, Other Rooms was published.

That's why Capote's bold portraits of a little girl who refuses to wear dresses, a man who feels prettier in makeup and kimonos, and a teenage boy learning to embrace his sexual identity was groundbreaking. We'll say it again. This was Just to put it in perspective, that was only twenty years after women were granted the right to vote. It was twenty years before the Stonewall Riots , when the Gay Rights Movement is said to have truly begun. It was a different era, one that was ushering in that conformist-to-end-all-conformity decade: the June and Ward Cleaver dystopia of the 's.

And yet, Other Voices, Other Rooms was a massive success. Well, apart from the fact that the prose is brilliant and the author photo was steamy , it struck a chord or a nerve, depending on who was reading with audiences.

Other Voices in Old Testament Interpretation

Although as a culture we're only now beginning to openly discuss gender fluidity and the difference between gender and anatomy, and only just beginning to be a-okay with the LGBTQ community, Other Voices, Other Rooms reminds us of two things. It reminds us of the dark past of repression, and, more importantly, it reminds us that all the gender identity and sexual identity issues we tend to think of as super-current have actually been happening all around us, since forever.

Even in Skully's Landing, Mississippi. All rights reserved. Other Voices, Other Rooms Introduction Bird-killing stepmothers, cross-dressing cousins wearing Mardi Gras costumes, pedophilic circus performers, scrappy tomboys and spookily hidden-away fathers: as orphan Joel Harrison Knox learns, there's never a dull moment at Skully's Landing.