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The king was extremely distressed by all this and it fell to Maintenon to comfort him although she too was hurt. Despite the continuing turmoil, there were some satisfying moments for Maintenon in the next decade. Her favorite pupil, the Duc de Maine, got married in March of to Anna-Louisa Benedicte of Bourbon, the daughter of the prince of Conde, a girl whom Maintenon liked, although she later ruined her husband with her extravagance.

When the French took the city of Namur, people vied to meet her. She was able to carve out certain times of day for herself, however, which the king did not interrupt. She spent mornings at Saint-Cyr or in reading, writing, and devotional exercises; in the evenings she retired to her private chambers promptly at nine, where the king would come and speak a few words to her and then let her be. In the mids a new religious sect, Quietism , gained popularity in the French court and throughout the nation, supported by people with whom Maintenon kept company.

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Guyon also traveled to Versailles in secret during this time, where she delivered secret lectures to her many supporters. Quietism , which he did not understand well, continued to prevail at his court and at Saint-Cyr, where Fenelon assisted Guyon in immersing herself in the organization there.

  1. Deborah Oratorio, Act 2: In the Battle Fame Pursuing, Air;
  3. Olympos (AILLEURS DEMAIN) (French Edition);
  4. This proved to be an extremely difficult task, but Maintenon took it on with great perseverance. When Louis proposed expanding Versailles, Maintenon strongly advised against it. What grieves me is, to have put myself to pain for no purpose. I have only to ask pardon, and to take no more notice. But the people—what will become of them? The beginning of the eighteenth century saw the union of the French and Spanish thrones, when Charles II left the crown of Spain to the Philip of Anjou, the duke of Anjou , second son to the dauphin of France: a source of great celebration for France.

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    The country remained essentially bankrupt by war and the weight of taxes oppressed the people and the capital. In addition, as Maintenon and the king grew older, those around them that they were closest to began to pass away and the king sank into a deep grief. Towards the end of his life, King Louis XIV redoubled his efforts to reign as a powerful monarch by making new treaties, renewing old alliances, and putting his papers in order.

    She was adamant about no longer having anything to do with the affairs of the court.

    He was extremely impressed and asked to see the foundress of the organization. Maintenon, who was at this time quite ill, received him in her bedroom. In general, Maintenon spent the last years of her life quietly and pleasantly at Saint-Cyr devoting her time to teaching, works of charity, prayer and needlework. Tying a rope around her body, they dragged it through the streets of the town.

    The sarcophagus was ripped open, exposing the bones inside and these were removed and buried in the chapel at Versailles.

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    Phillips, , vol. Accessed 13 April Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Memoirs of Madame de Montespan. Madame de Montespan: "What would be the use of memoirs from which sincerity were absent?

    Whom could they inspire with a desire of reading them? As she points out about a third of the way through, she recalls events as they occur to her, rather than set matters down in chronological order.

    Many chapters focus on her contemporaries whilst Madame remains in the background. In some cases she doesn't appear at all. She writes several engaging anecdot Madame de Montespan: "What would be the use of memoirs from which sincerity were absent? She writes several engaging anecdotes that I didn't know of. The chapters where Madame is more involved are my favourites. I would've rated this five stars but certain sections were too focused on political events, which I'm not enthralled by.

    Certain passages were a bit confusing, owing to me not being familiar with what Madame was recollecting. Everything else, though, ranges from mildly interesting to highly entertaining. To some extent she does come across that way, but she strikes me as a much better woman than I originally believed her to be.

    It makes very little difference to me if she hears from you the portrait I have just made of her; you can tell her, and I shall certainly not give you the lie. The day that people, abandoning this respect and veneration which is the support and mainstay of monarchies—the day that they regard us as their equals—all the prestige of our position will be destroyed.

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    Judith might have been tempted to do that sort of thing; she was a Jewess. But a Christian monk! I cannot get over it! Christina Wolfe rated it did not like it Jan 04, Daniel rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Alecia Hansen rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Kivanc Dikmen rated it it was ok Jul 07, Danielle Corrow rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Mr Mark E Kerruish rated it it was ok May 18, Sarah rated it really liked it Jul 24, Vivian rated it really liked it Jul 03, Sandra rated it really liked it Nov 28, Impossible rated it really liked it Oct 21, Susan Chapek rated it really liked it Jan 27, Eclipsante rated it really liked it Apr 18, She died at the ripe age of 66 from an undisclosed illness on May 27, Did she do something wrong?

    At the height of her power, Montespan was a huge patroness of the arts. He had joined a disastrous campaign on Algeria in , effectively bankrupting them. But at what cost?

    She even asked her husband if she could leave court and reunite with him in Gascony, where he was continuing to pursue his dream of warfare. I guess Madame de Montespan liked dramatic guys. His mourning carriage was adorned with huge horns to symbolize his cuckoldry by the king.

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    But thanks to historical record, we can quantify by how much: while Queen Maria Theresa held only 11 rooms on the second floor of Versailles, the maitresse-en-titre had a whopping 20 rooms on the first floor. The mistress also had an entourage that held up to 50 people at a given time. Want to tell us to write facts on a topic? Please submit feedback to contribute factinate.

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