1 album, which is also the biggest-selling Portuguese record so far this year. Zaragoza are planned before the short tour ends Oct. 3 at Paris' Elysee Montmartre theater. Folcker's debut single, "Tell Me What You Like," was out July 20 here, and for the week ending Sept. An Asian version of the album comes out Sept.

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He has his travellers drawn along in a balloon by a team of camels; then a lion comes up, devours the camels, swallows the tow-rope, and hauls the balloon in their stead; and so on through the story.

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You see that the whole thing is the top-flower of fancy, but has nothing in common with our style of locomotion. William Lackland, Who is this M. Here is what it says: Tarde venientibus ossa! Tarde venientibus ossa! The lion, attracted by the smell, rushed up to the leather belt and gobbled it down greedily. A sudden jerk shook the aerostat. The animal had swallowed the iron hook, and it was now jumping about furiously in great pain. The balloon, which has been stationary for quite some time, now moved convulsively, bobbing here and there. So traders keep shorting Japanese bonds JGBs.

And they keep losing money. But what if Japanese rates never rose?

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How could that be, you ask? Given that Japan will collapse if interest rates rise, I would suggest that interest rates will not be allowed to rise. The Bank of Japan will fire up the printing press for their own version of Operation Twist, but on a scale that will make the other central bankers of the world jealous. But the consequence is that the Japanese yen goes seriously south.

Can you say to the dollar? Do I hear ? At what point will you be able to buy a Lexus cheaper than you can buy a Kia? Think that will make Korea happy? Think the Japanese care? They will continue to churn out quality products made with robots that will compete very favorably with those of any industrial country.

Japanese equities will soar in such an environment in terms of a depreciating yen , which makes buying cutting-edge Japanese stocks and shorting the yen an interesting trade. But that is the lion we can see.

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The lion we are missing is that this triggers a massive currency war, far more significant and costly than anything we have seen in our lifetimes. But that is a story for another day. For now, it is time to close. I am asked all the time how I stay connected in all of my travels. I really am connected almost all the time from everywhere, as of late, which is a real productivity boost. Since I am here in Singapore, I thought I would just take a second to give you some details on our newest foray to upgrade my connectivity. First, by now everyone has heard about cloud computing.

I looked at if a few years ago, and it was still too new and expensive for a small company like mine. However, that has changed. We met a young man in Italy last summer a friend of a business associate who is with a firm called A3 that helps government organizations and businesses move their computing to the cloud. And what we found out is that we could upgrade everything we do for about the same as I was paying, but get far more service and security.

That means no more servers in my office and the support they need. All our data is now accessed from the cloud. We simply get online and sign in from whatever computer we are on, and the home page as we last accessed it pops up. And everything is backed up in the cloud on multiple sites in real time. I can access my information from my laptop, my iPad, or any other computer. Everything is there. All the software is basically in the cloud, although I do have some special adaptations to allow me to work offline in planes and where an internet connection is not immediately available.

But as soon as I get online, everything is immediately and automatically backed up. Crippling virus attacks, which used to occur with sad regularity, are now far, far more difficult to perpetrate. I would have to be pretty stupid to get a virus now.

We get hour technical service and cheaper enterprise software, and my staff can now get online from anywhere. My problem now is trying to get them to stop working late at night! The service can grow with me effortlessly — just set up another user. As a help to the company and its people, let me introduce you. And whether you are very large or small, or if you decide to work with them or another group, you should check out migrating your work to the cloud.

It is way cool up here.

Dogs without sex:

A3 has a short introductory video, and Andre would be glad to talk with you. Go to www. This very moment I am on a rather bumpy airplane ride somewhere over India. In about hours we land in Frankfurt, which is long enough for me to actually hit the send button and make my Chinese translator, Shadow, happy. I rather like that name, and it is an analog of her Chinese name. Then tomorrow it will be a late brunch with some like-minded biotech investors.

Like me, except that some of the have been extremely successful. Your humble analyst is hopeful that something will rub off, just being around them. Then I am off to Newport for a week I have long been looking forward to. I am going to get to participate in something that I find both very exciting and a unique honor.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Andrew Marshall over the last few years, first in small groups and then privately.

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He is now 90 years old and shows no sign of slowing down. A few hours with him will get you right up on your toes, as he has worked with such a long list of forward-looking thinkers over the decades that it boggles the mind. He recalls seemingly every conversation. On the matter of aging and continuing to work and keeping your act together, he is my official hero. In the futurist world he is legend. The institutional memory he carries with him is beyond value.

Essentially, the ONA develops and coordinates net assessments of the standing, trends, and future prospects of US military capabilities and potential, in comparison with those of other countries or groups of countries, so as to identify emerging or future threats or opportunities for the United States.

Think of it as an internal planning think tank for the Department of Defense. Every now and then ONA gathers a small group of thinkers to present analysis on their personal fields of expertise, and then develop a paper based on their findings.