1 album, which is also the biggest-selling Portuguese record so far this year. Zaragoza are planned before the short tour ends Oct. 3 at Paris' Elysee Montmartre theater. Folcker's debut single, "Tell Me What You Like," was out July 20 here, and for the week ending Sept. An Asian version of the album comes out Sept.

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Grandir avec les autres - Episode 1 : L'itinérance ludique - La Maison des Maternelles #LMDM

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Great album of modernity. Album cover just builds the aesthetic even further christopherpeak. Go back to the batcave and cast shadows on the wall with this appropriately melodramatic French goth group. Antagonism LP by Bleib Modern. Bleak, throbbing work that lands halfway between coldwave and shoegaze, this Berlin group hits that spot just under the breastbone.

This Polish post-punk group has an icy edge and a new wave dancefloor pulse, and their big sound is enhanced by clear, powerful vocals.

Explore music. Hollow Skies.

Philippe Ache. JHG Shark. Purchasable with gift card. Tags alternative cold wave darkwave electronic shoegaze gothic rock post punk Paris.