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The Searchers seemed to say that romance is as much fear as it is passion, and as much commitment as it is a cage.

Byungbong: The Women’s Harvest Dance

For this viewer, the piece was more an abstraction of codependency than a literal depiction of the subject. The whole evening was a powerful exploration of the heart, and how we interact with one another on an emotional level. If matters of the heart are of interest to you, this writer highly recommends catching the 11 th year of Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival.

Heather Sparling is a Chicago-based storyteller, collaborator and lighting designer. Since then she has worked all over the country in theaters large and small. While living in New York, Heather worked full-time on the production staff for St.

For more information on her design work, visit Sparling Designs Website. Your email address will not be published.

Harvest House Dance Ministry is a collaborative effort in worship and performance. We empower our community through dance to:.

Harvest Dance

The Bible is true. The truth sets you free.

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We believe that each person is composed of mind, body and spirit; every part of who we are is interconnected. Through vulnerability in movement, we experience freedom of body, which translates to freedom of mind and freedom of spirit. Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with timbrel and harp.

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As we create we become more like Him and bring Him glory. Moving as a community in the image of God, we reveal Him for who He is. In particular, at the feast days the dancers minister specially choreographed dances that emphasize the spiritual message of the festival. The Harvest.

Hebraic Dance Ministry.