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It was too much of a hassle finding an app that would let me put a Smashwords purchase on my phone, so I bought it via Barnes and Noble. E-mail me and I'll paypal you the difference in royalties. Which just shows the breadth of Frank's ignorance.

An Interview With Jill Lepore

The breast mutilation nonsense was traced back to a mistranslation ages ago. All classic depictions of Amazons have the full rack. And there are plenty of modern female archers who manage just fine without body modification.

When I got ahold of the first 3 volumes I had to agree. I've read a lot of different versions of WW, though not as many as some. Those Archive books should remain in print perpetually. Barnes and Noble is a perfectly fine way to buy it. I wouldn't put it on sale there if I minded people buying from there. If you want to give me more money, go buy the Last War in Albion chapter that goes on sale Thursday.

You know, and I recognize that it's in part just me, but I was let down by the Simone run.


The Five Wonder Woman Comics You Must Own

Plenty of smart people with good taste adore Simone, but she's never quite done it for me. To me, the main advantage she has over something like the quite underrated Eric Luke run or Phil Jimenez's time on the character is that she's still in print. I think. Is she? Actually, I bet she's gone out of print like every other good Wonder Woman comic. But yeah. If you asked me to pick among her, Luke, and Jimenez, I'd have a really hard time.

I was just wondering what Graphic Novels to pursue next - having exhausted the good Daredevil stuff published in larger volumes - so this is perfectly timed!

The Five Wonder Woman Comics You Must Own | Eruditorum Press

I thought it was a cute title. Peter, influenced and shaped the character. I got the name from an old Pete Seeger song, but I love the image — Wonder Woman as a link across seventy years of feminism. And writing it, I became fascinated by that messiness. Because, I realized, it reflected how feminism actually worked. And that turned out to be what writing a book on Wonder Woman is like. What I expected to take six months took about four times that, and was marked by constant second-guessing.

I cut about a third of the book, changed the title, changed the focus, went through two separate and eventually backed out of two bad publishing deals, and, along the way, managed to have virtually the entire Kickstarter fund stolen from me in a spectacular error of trust on my part.

A Golden Thread – The Unofficial Critical History Of Wonder Woman

By the end I understood what people meant when they said Wonder Woman was hard to write, and that it was difficult to figure out how to make a movie out of her. Of course she is. We found something similar. About this product. Make an offer:.

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Book TV: Jill Lepore, "The Secret History of Wonder Woman"

Make Offer. Condition is Good. See details. About this product Synopsis For over seventy years Wonder Woman has been one of the most popular and recognized comic book characters in the world.

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Now, for the first time, A Golden Thread presents a detailed critical history of the character.