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You can join people on their spiritual journeys by being an Explorer discovering where they are spiritually , a Guide showing the way to Jesus , a Builder helping people get past obstacles or a Mentor walking with them as they grow in their faith. Start from right where you are. Love people and share the hope you have in Jesus with gentleness and respect.

Need some help? Take your next step using the resources below. Your story is His story. When you share how God rescued you from sin and death through Jesus, it gives others an opportunity to know God and what He can do.

Learn how to prepare and share your story. This app is designed with tools and resources to help you share your faith any time, any place and in more than 80 languages.

What Is Evangelism? | Reformed Bible Studies & Devotionals at trefapllemdisme.ga

CoJourners is an approach to conversational evangelism that teaches the art of joining others on their spiritual journeys in order to help them know Jesus. This evangelism tool uses a custom deck of cards that addresses the topic of worldviews to create discussion and open doors for the gospel. Soularium provides 50 photographic images and five simple questions that allow you to enter and explore the lives of the people around you. Check out more apps and tools that help you connect the people you care about to God.

  • How do you define evangelism?.
  • Evangelism Is Not a Solo Sport.
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  • Gestion de la colère Secrets que vous devez savoir ! Apprenez à contrôler votre colère et prendre le contrôle de votre vie (French Edition).
  • 10 Things You Should Know about Evangelism.

Each app is unique, so no matter the person or situation, one of these apps will help you share the love of Jesus — as long as you have your phone! These topics will help you grow in understanding evangelism and how to go about sharing your faith. There are many ways to share your faith with people in your life, on campus and in the workplace. Browse through these tools and strategies to help you share the gospel and have spiritual conversations. Have people asked you questions about faith that you don't know how to answer?

There are many topics people have questions about. Browse through these topics to find guidance on tough questions about faith.

Share the Gospel

Understand how you can know God personally. What is Christianity? Learn the basics of what Christians believe.

Passages for Further Study

Dealing with Life's Questions Explore answers to life's biggest questions. Read about individuals who have been transformed by faith.

Spiritual Growth Take the next step in your faith journey with devotionals, resources and core truths. Bible Studies Find resources for personal or group Bible study. Share the Gospel Sharing your faith is one of our most important callings as followers of Jesus. Help Others Grow Help others in their faith journey through discipleship and mentoring. Leadership Training Develop your leadership skills and learn how to launch a ministry wherever you are.

Language Resources View our top Cru resources in more than 20 languages. Campus Helping students know Jesus, grow in their faith and go to the world to tell others. City Connecting in community for the well-being of the city. Inner City Partnering with urban churches to meet physical and spiritual needs. Athletes Engaging around sports to help athletes think and live biblically. Families Equipping families with practical approaches to parenting and marriage.

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What is evangelism?

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This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Christian organizations believe the country is a prime target of evangelism.